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Post 20 Jan 2007, 10:34

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We have found this on our IH FE 300. There was a shield mounted under
the TCM on the right side frame rail, behind tranny and just above the
exhaust pipe. It had been collecting salt and dirt for quite some time.
We took them all off and found some disturbing damage to the TCM. An
adjacent school district actually had a TCM fail do to the corrosion
entering the TCM.

The symptoms were speedo quit and check trans light came on. Neither
IHC nor Allison covered this item. It was on a 2003 FE 300. I would
highly recommend removing shield's and inspecting your TCM's.

Here are some photo's of what we found.

Rick Crowe
Head Mechanic

pictures will be added to web site very soon, sorry for inconvience, wanted to get message posted immediately, if need photos this weekend, email me and i will forward

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