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Head Mechanic Association from the beginning

Read about NYHMA and learn how and why it was started and events leading up to present day

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By Emmanuel “red” Falcone
Back in the 1960’s, Harold Monroe from North Syracuse School District tried to get the Head Mechanics from the other schools to form an association. There was no response.
Then in 1977, Dick Gaffey from Fayetteville-Manlius School District sent a letter to other school districts head mechanics to see if they wanted to form an association and, again, there was no response.
You have to remember, back in those days, we had supervisors that would not let their men out of the garages.
In the early 1980’s as our transportation needs grew larger and we were traveling farther distances, our troubles grew bigger. I am sure that you have been to other schools and have had trouble with your buses. WHO DO YOU CALL?

At the October 1983 meeting of the transportation supervisors C.N.Y.A.P.T. Frank Reynolds of Liverpool Central School District brought up the question of forming the Head Mechanics Association; and there was a good response.
In November 1983, Frank Reynolds , Bill Bird and Bob Duquette of Liverpool Schools, Red Falcone of Solvay School District and Jerry Boughton of Syracuse Auto Parts had a meeting at Liverpool Transportation Center to see if there was any interest in forming an association, with Jerry Boughton's help and many phone calls from the rest of us, we gave it another try.
In December of 1983, we had our first meeting with 18 schools attending. That meeting was called to order by Bill Bird of Liverpool.
There was an election of officers; Bill Bird of Liverpool – President; Red Falcone of Solvay – Vice President; and Don Collett of Baldwinsville – Secretary/Treasurer.
In January of 1984, our first official meeting was held. Topics of discussion consisted of warranties on parts and buses, body builders, tires and different prices in different districts. Also, D.O.T., inquiries for training classes given on our equipment and many other ideas related to manufacturers and vendors that are directly related to our work and safe pupil transportation.

From 1983 to June 1987, we were known as the Central New York Head Mechanic’s Association. At our June 1987 meeting, interest in going state-wide was discussed. A committee was appointed. With present officers:

Appointed Officers: June 1987 Meeting.
John Crofoot President Jamesville Dewitt
Al Carmon Vice President Madison-Oneida BOCES
Don Tavener Treasurer Union Springs
Dick Gaffey Secretary Fayetteville-Manlius

Bill Bird Liverpool Central
Bob Duquette Liverpool Central
Rick Abend Onondaga Central
Red Falcone Solvay Central
Charlie Rider City of Syracuse
Larry Buske Oswego Central
At our September 1987 meeting, John Crofoot presented a graphic map of New York State with just some of the school districts displayed. With a show of hands, it was decided in favor of incorporating as “New York State Head Mechanic’s Association for Safe Pupil Transportation, Inc.” a non-profit group.
John took on the task of writing the Constitution and By-Laws and the dues started at $20 per year, was agreed upon. John then applied for a Certificate of Incorporation with the legal name of:
“New York Head Mechanics’ Association
for Safe Pupil Transportation, Inc.”
Since the incorporation, membership has increased from 30 school districts to 170 members as of March 3, 1988.
Note: The Transportation Supervisors, New York Association of Pupil Transportation; National Association of Pupil Transportation; NY Department of Transportation and The NY State Education Department were 100% behind our association and what supported the goals we were trying to accomplish of providing a network of communication, sharing ideas and information, that would improve and promote safe pupil transportation in New York State.

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