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Central Chapter 18 February 2015 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Members present: 22
Jeff Chapin--J.D. Thomas Waldron + Bob Easton—Remsen C.S.D Ed McFaden—Oriskany C.S.D
Steve Becker—Deruyter C.S.D Kevin Dattler—Cato-Meriden C.S.D. Doug Battles—Westhill C.S.D
Terry Merrell—N. Syracuse Paul Monnat—Lowville Ed Hess—Sandy Creek CSD
Gerald Ratliff + Dan Elderbroom—Liverpool CSD Keith Sutliff—Cortland CSD
Pat Ficcaro –Stadium International James Miceli—Golden Sun Bus Mike Nuber—NYS DOT
John Sager—Superior Lubricants Earl Hamilton+Wayne Kobler—Leonard Bus Sales
Nick Crane + Rob Frost + Rick Anderson + Marvin Wood—Leonard Bus Sales Gary Dixon—Wurth USA
John Johnston—CNY BUS SALES *Meeting called to order by Keith Sutliff
*Pledge of allegiance read
*Last meetings minuets read by Jerry Ratliff and accepted 1&2
*Treasures report read by Dan Elderbroom and accepted 1&2
*OLD BUISNESS* Dan Elderbroom updated us on the progress with the contract for this year’s summer seminar at the On Center. Informed on the layout – floor plan. Reported on the plan to send all members a mailing with information about the seminar and how to pay with credit card or paypal.
*NEW BUISNESS* Dan Elderbroom Proposed giving larger cash prizes at the seminar to speed up the process of handing out door prizes.
*WEB SITE* Keith from Cato suggested that the time out function to delete inactive users be lengthened to a year. Dan Elderbroom commented on what content can be found on the site and promoted all to post new threads and participate in general.
*SICK CALL* none
*N.Y.S.H.M.A* none
*D.O.T* Mike Nuber asked what subject we would like him to present at the seminar. (Approval pending by his supervisors) Also mike commented on the importance of informing the D.O.T. by phone asap when an injury has happened on a bus. (prior to filing a report)
*VENDORS* John @ Superior lubricants reported that waste oil burners can be purchased there and that bulk oil tank refill specials are available. Gary @ Worth reported that a 55 gal. Bulk brake clean is now available. The system uses a small refillable that uses shop air pressure to spray product at a great savings. John @ N.Y.B.S reported that a blue bird service bulletin has been released dealing with heater motor electrical issues and that parts and service are available at Nybs.
*ROUND TABLE* Keith Sutliff reported on a window issue on Thomas C2s and can be solved by trimming the window. Jerry from Liverpool reported on a cracking issue happening to D.O.C. chambers pressure tube Ferrell. Kevin from Cato reported having many drivability issues when starting international buses in cold temperatures. Terry from N. Syracuse reported similar issue and also has issues with EGR freezing.

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