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Thank you

Moderator: jason

Post 26 Jul 2012, 17:56

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Location: dryden, ny
As out going State President of the nyhma, I would like to thank the greatest group of school bus technicians across New York State that anyone could know for the years of support and dedication that has brought our association to the greatness it is today. Being president of an association that is as dedicated to the safety of the most precious cargo in the world, made up of the greatest group of technicians I have met across the state has been my honor. I will still be going to Albany to speak as a rep of our association and still be involved where I can, but it is time for new younger blood. With that I would like to congradulate Mike Ocque from Lyons Central School for stepping up and becoming our new State President, I know he will do a great job, I hope everyone shows their support as you have supported myself all these years. Congradulations Mike !!!

Once again, thank you for the years of support and dedication that I will never forget along with the friends I have met across our state.

Harlan Pudney Jr
Dryden CSD
Past State President nyhma

Post 27 Jul 2012, 09:26

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Location: 6268 Muskrat Bay Road, Brewerton, NY 13029
Hi Harlan,
You were a great President and dedicated your self to our mission and goals. You are a friend and I am grateful for all you have done as State President leading our association in a direction that we can all be proud to be a participant and a member. Best of luck to you!


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