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Central Chapter 15 April 2015 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date: 15 April 2015 Time 10:00 am

Members present: 27
George Toper - East Syracuse Minoa CSD Keith Sutliff - Cortland CSD
Gerald Ratliff - Liverpool CSD Dan Elderbroom- Liverpool CSD
Paul Abend II - Onondaga CSD Don Brown - Lansing CSD
Steve Becker - DeRuyter CSD Ed McFadden - Oriskany CSD
Jeff Chapin - Jamesville DeWitt CSD Gary Dixon - Wurth USA
Richard DeRenzin - Baldwinsville CSD Dana Nelson - Baldwinsville CSD
Bryan Wilson - Fayetteville Manlius CSD John Betts - Fayetteville Manlius CSD
Bob Learned - Bus Parts Warehouse Josh Coon - Matthews Buses
Mark Ingram - Leonard Bus Sales Rob Frost - Leonard Bus Sales
Bill Wolff - PDDA Mike Nuber - NYDOT
PJ Schmid - Rudy Schmid Inc. Jim Miceli - Golden Bus Fulton
Ed Hess - Sandy Creek CSD Scott Sweeney - Carthage CSD
Dave - Rust Kote Kevin Dattler - Cato Meridian CSD
John Johnson - NYBS

Meeting called to order by President Keith Sutliff
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Keith Sutliff

Thank you to Rust Kote, for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 18 March 2015 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom, Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business; 
The emergency phone book has gone to print and is reported to completed soon. 
The issue with the "Door Prize" from Leonard Bus Sales and Baldwinsville have been settled and they will be given away at the 2015 NYHMA Summer Seminar.

New Business;
Secretary George Toper advised those present that the May 20, 2015 meeting of the Central Chapter will be his last official duty as secretary of the chapter.
Ed McFadden advised that it appears the web page has been hacked and requested that it be checked. 
2015 - 2016 Election of officers will be held at the May 20, 2015 meeting. Anyone wishing to be put on the ballot should notify the president, as soon as possible.

• WEB Page: There will be an App available soon for the "I" products more information will follow.
• Summer Seminar; Volunteers are needed for this years operation, this will be the first time at this facility so it is unknown what and who will be needed. Anyone that wishes to help contact Dan Elderbroom at Liverpool CSD for instruction. All volunteers need to be at the Oncenter between 5:30 and 6 am the day of the seminar. 47 Vendor Tables have been reserved at this time, with more to come in. 15 School Districts have filed paper work for attending, if your district is attending please get everything in order so we can get a head count. There is a 2015 Summer Seminar meeting planned for 20 May 2015 prior to the regular meeting, please attend if you can.
• Sick Call; None reported
• State HMA; No Report submitted

NYSDOT; Presented by Mike Nuber NYDOT
• The traffic management section has been advised of the "Accident Reporting Procedures" that are in place at this time. This will help in reporting all incidents.
• A incident reporting letter of procedures is to be or has been sent to all concerned districts, it is to clear up any questions that you may have. If something does come up contact your inspector on these issues.
• Procedure forms will also be available with a possible email address to help speed the reporting along, with a FAX# and a phone #. You need to report these incidents to the reporting center ASAP, this is imperative if there are injuries involved. There were a lot of information shared so if you need further questions answered contact your inspector first.
• Mike requested help from the Bus Distributors on any planned new bus deliveries so he can establish a inspection schedule that helps everyone.

Vendor Information;
• Wurth USA Gary Dixon reported that Wurth USA has partnered with "Hunter Equipment" if you have needs of alignment type equipment contact Gary for a representative.
• Bus Parts Warehouse Bob Learned presented an LED handheld light they have on sale for about $29.00, if your interested contact Bus Parts Warehouse.
• Matthews Buses Josh reported on another personnel structure change that has taken place at Matthews.
• Leonard Buses Mark Ingram reported on an issue with torsion bar bushing, and Rob Frost advised everyone with AC units that it that time of the year to clean and check all AC units for dirt and debris
• Penn Detroit Diesel Bill Wolff that they are actively in to the "School Bus Program" for transmissions with extended warranty and other services, contact Bill if your in need of a transmission.
• Rudy Schmid PJ reported that they have the facility for your alignment needs, and his "Rust Check" building is in full operation if there is needed.
• New York Bus John Johnson reported that GM diesel program is coming to a close for small size buse's, The ford program for gas and diesel smaller bus's will be available for demonstration contact NYBS. NYBS will be changing their operations computer system in May they will attempt to have the transition take place during a weekend, so bear with them for any small issues.

Round Table:
• Keith of Cortland CSD reported that they are now Leasing Buses for the district, upon running across a defective wiper motor on a unit he found that it was not covered as a warranty item. He was not expecting this response for a leased bus.
• Daily run sheets were questioned on how long to keep by the standards of both NYDOT (Mike Nubere noted a 6 month requirement for them) and New York Education. There appears to be two different requirements on the books. Jeff from Jamesville-DeWitt CSD noted that he has some information on this subject at his facility, he will research this before next meeting. If anyone has more let us know.
• Liverpool noted a issue with GM 6.0 with a DEF code that they have been unable to clear even running through the "Flow Chart" for testing.
• Paul of Onondaga CSD reported on an issue with a "Code" from the right rear sensor connector. Loose wire appears to reoccur.
• Kevin of Cato Meridian CSD has an issue with the fuel tank on there IH series busses that appear the be rusting out prematurely as he has had to replace a one on a 2012 unit already. The radiator lower tank leaking has also appeared on his units. EGR cooler cleaning was discussed with some suggestions.

Next meeting will be sponsored by Superior Lubricants on May 20, 2015, location will be announced later due to some confusion on location.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Rust Kote for sponsoring this meeting and for a well explanation of their products and services.
Also Delphia's Restaurant of Chittenango NY for their great service.

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