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Central Chapter 20 May 2015 meeting minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date: 20 May 2015 Time 10:00 am

Members present: 21
George Toper - East Syracuse Minoa CSD Dan Elderbroom- Liverpool CSD
Keith Sutliff - Cortland City SD Ed McFadden - Oriskany CSD
Jeff Chapin - Jamesville-DeWitt CSD Steve Becker - DeRuyter CSD
Greg Miles - Wurth USA Gary Dixon - Wurth USA
Mark Johnston - Westhill CSD Don Brown -Lansing CSD
Ed Hess - Sandy Creek CSD Kevin Dattler - Cato -Meridian CSD
Scott Davis - Cato - Meridian CSD PJ Schmid - Rudy Schmidt inc.
Paul Antonucci - Leonard Bus Sales Josh Coon - Matthews Buses
John Betts - Fayetteville CSD Robert LaPine - Fayetteville CSD
John Sager - Superior Lubricants
Rep from CUDA Aqueous Parts Washer

Meeting called to order by President Keith Sutliff

Pledge of Allegiance was led by the president

Thank you to, Superior Lubricants for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, 15 April 2015 meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom,
Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business;
Emergency Contact Phone books have been received and are ready distribution, it will be decided what will be the best way for distribution after discussion with the NYHMA President. Those present took at least 1 copy for each. There was a discussion of printing another 500 for the 2105 Summer Seminar folders, more discussion is to take place on this. The printing bill was submitted for payment through the State NYHMA treasurer. It was noted for the first attempt at this program produced many that wished to be listed and in the future it should be considered as "Membership Phone Contact Book with emergency contact name & number when supplied. Discussion took place on the design.

New Business;
Election of Officers, after discussion on a volunteer for the Secretary Office with no one stepping forward at this meeting the position will remain vacant until filled. There was a motion for the secretary cast one ballot for the offices present, so moved. The order of remaining officers will remain the same for the 2015-2016 season.

• WEB Page: It was noted that the web page was not hacked and it was only a "Spam Issue". Contact Jason if you need any assistance with the Web page.
• Summer Seminar: Dan reported on the number of vendors that have responded to register and requested that if there is anyone else that wishes to register they need to complete this ASAP as for limited number of spaces left. The vendors have to be in place on Wednesday for Fire Marshal approval, contact Dan for further information. The list of schools that have registered was also reported on, with the number growing daily, it was noted that any school district that will be attending but has to wait for a PO or other items should register the names of those attending will be correct with a attached note of PO coming. Hotel room information is available for those requiring rooms, contact Dan Elderbroom for further details or check the web page. The times of the Seminars will be adjusted to allow for a earlier lunch (-5 minutes) closer to noon. The presenters for 2015 will be Cummins, Deposit Control, Mirabito Fuels, and Pro Mech. For those with interest there will be a table set up for all DOT questions and answers that will be presented.
• Sick Call; None reported
• State HMA; No report submitted

NYSDOT: No representative was able to attend this meeting.

Vendor Information;
• Wurth USA Gary Dixon noted the continued program for all wheel weights of lead to turned in for disposal, contact Gary or Greg for further details.
• Leonard Buses Paul noted that an issue with the hood torsion bars has surfaced, if you feel that you have this issue contact them. They have Customer Appreciation days coming watch for your invitation at all locations
• Matthews Buses Josh thanks for everyone support during the building move and the facility is still being prepared for the future "Open House". Josh also noted when ready they will offer to sponsor a Central Chapter meeting.

Round Table:
• Keith has had an issue with a premature water pump failure on a Cummins engine. He also noted that he had to transfer student from a disabled bus upon completion of this he attempted to contact the "incident control center” as required only to find out that all phone numbers supplied did not work!
• Fayetteville noted that had found an issue with a wiper motor on a C-2 not working, with further investigation the wire diagram of this unit failed to note a relay located on the firewall that contained the "Green Monster".
• Kevin of Cato Meridian noted that he received a very fast response on the fuel tank issue he has encountered from last meeting, with a direct contact from the manufacturer corporate office.
• Discussion took place on the value of this organization and what can be accomplished with everyone contributing information on issues of their fleets when attending these round tables (as noted with Kevin above). If there is a problem and information is shared the vendors and manufacturers will respond with immediate assistance when they are informed or learn of an issue. It is noted that when an issue arises the first response is (it only happens to you)! Well we have found this to be not true in all issues. Each bit of information could and has helped others within this organization and has shared it statewide when the problem will affect the safe transportation of our students. The largest defeat of this is when a district fails to allow one or more of their mechanics attend and bring with them important data that can and has helped a district with a common issue. The powers to be would be surprised at the saving they would create by not having every mechanics in many school districts looking for the repair to the same issue. This program also shows a joint mission of assisting another district with a breakdown outside the borders of their district with immediate response from the district this occurs within with mechanics and a bus to assist in getting the students and staff to their destination. There is hope that the districts will understand the importance of this program and give it the support it is due.
• The list of meeting dates was presented for the meetings of the 2105-2016 meeting season. If you know a vendor or school that would like to hold and sponsor a meeting contact any officer. The first meeting is to be held on October 14, 2015 so mark your calendars.

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to Superior Lubricants for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support. Thank you to the CUDA Aqueous Parts Washers Company for the demonstration they provided, with an excellent product for doing a good job cleaning and is eco-friendly.

George F Toper

Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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