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Central Chapter 18 November Meeting Minutes

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Location: 7225 north central ave. east syracuse 13057
Date :18 November 2015 Time 10:00 am

Members present: 22

Tim Dibble - Madison Oneida BOCES Dan Elderbroom- Liverpool CSD

Keith Sutliff - Cortland City SD Ed McFadden - Oriskany CSD

Terry Merrell - North Syracuse CSD Steve Becker - DeRuyter CSD

Eric Teeter - OCO Dennis Perkins - OCO

Tim Hourigan - Marcellus CSD Don Brown -Lansing CSD

Ed Hess - Sandy Creek CSD Kevin Dattler - Cato -Meridian CSD

Kyle Schmidt - Ithaca City CSD PJ Schmid - Rudy Schmidt inc.

Mark Ingham - Leonard Bus Sales Josh Coon - Matthews Busses

John Betts - Fayetteville Manlius CSD Corey Tyler - D&W

Aaron Fountain - Fayetteville Manlius CSD Tom Sheehan - D&W

Jim Miceli - Golden Sun Bus Service Mike Crowley - D&W

Meeting called to order by President Keith Sutliff

Pledge of Allegiance there was no flag

Thank you to, D&W for sponsorship and refreshments for this meeting.

Reading of the minutes of the Central Chapter, meeting were presented for approval. Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted.

Treasures report submitted and read for approval by Treasurer Dan Elderbroom,

Motion made to accept as read, seconded, and accepted. Copy is on file with secretary.

Old Business; Still looking for a Secretary

New Business; None


* WEB Page: No issues have been reported, but trying to put an E-Z button on so when you enter something and hit the button it will go to Jason. Trying to update login names instead of Snowman, Mickey Mouse, Etc. To use your name with school name. Also had problems with passwords timing out, if you had 2-3 months before using, had to call someone to reset password. Still trying to get phone book on to website.

* Summer Seminar; Next year the summer seminar is July 21 2016, tentative for 2017 has 2 different dates, we are trying get a better rate with a 2 year contract, it costs approximately $30,0000 to have the seminar. The fee for vendors will go up $25.00 to $450.00, the fee for mechanics will stay the same at $15.00 per person. The increase for vendors will offset the cost of electric that some vendors used, as this was an extra fee, and for drinks at lunch which was an extra fee.Vendor sign up will begin January, and mechanics in March. Issues at the seminar were some signed up for the lunch and did not eat, this is the most cost of the seminar, try to get closer to the actual number of people that are staying for lunch. Door prizes was another issue to maybe having a board with drawn numbers for people to look at to see if they won, trying to cut down on time, and maybe not having a stack of hats to give away. Dan also noted that after registration there was extra folders with the door prize tickets in them and this why some numbers called no one claimed them. Suggested to hand them out to each person when entering instead of having them stapled to each folder. Also after show many folders were thrown out that still had new phone book in them. Some of the issues were the sound system and maybe a change of the rooms. PLEASE NOTE Summer Seminar meeting at Dec. Meeting at 9:30 sharp

* Sick Call; None reported

* State HMA; No update

No one from DOT

Vendor Information;

Josh from Matthews Buses reported Maybrook has moved to new location and there open house was Nov. 18

Mark Ingham from Leonard Bus reported that the new sales rep is Christine Goossens, and have a new parts delivery person to help Earl. Stand pipe on Cummins engine looks like coolant leaking, just needs to be torqued

Round Table:

Dan reported a Cat C7 engine was overheating, thought it was a bad temp. Sensor, but found coolant was full of diesel fuel. A sleeve tube on injectors was leaking, borrowed a special tool and replaced tubes. While looking online for fuel in water came across an article on a bus with a Cat engine, kids were getting sick, flushed heaters and replaced all hoses and this solved problem. Had a Cummins engine stop building air, found a build up of carbon, air compressor pulls air from the CAC and plugs the unloader valve. Had to pull head off of compressor and clean carbon

Keith was wondering if anyone had tried DPF cleaner from Wurth, Dan said he won't try it on any buses that are still under warranty. Have a 2008 C2 special needs bus not building air above 50 psi in freezing weather, found bad governor. Want to know if other people were having problems with 2-way radios and AM/FM radios interfering with each other, has to shut off radio for 2-way to work. Ed found that if you separate the power wires under dash it cured his problem.

Kyle had 18 no starts on International with Cummins engine, found starter not engaging flywheel and lock up, replaced starters and cured problem.

Don reported a windshield leak, could not find it and when the glass company came to fix another windshield that a stone had hit, they found that the glue did not adhere to the body in the top center of the windshield.

Terry Had TCM failures on Internationals at $900 each, had 4 this year and 7 over the last 2 years.

Kevin Had 2 DPF that were plugged, had lots of smoke.

Dan mentioned that if you get a chance to go on a factory tour, that it is well worth it.

Next meeting will be

Barbagellas hosted by Leonard Bus Sales on December 16

Motion made for adjournment of this meeting, seconded, and accepted.

Thanks again to D&W for sponsoring this meeting and their continued support.

Acting Secretary Edward McFadden

Central Chapter NYHMA

NOTE: All information is as it is heard and recorded, any errors, additions, and/or corrections please notify the secretary gtoper@esmschools.org or centralchapterhma@live.com
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