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Post 14 Feb 2017, 11:26

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We have Thomas Buses and have always spec'ed metal undercarriage cargo compartments...Due to the maintenance required to keep doors and hinges serviceable I am considering the fiberglass as an option...Just wondering how they hold up. Anyone using them??? Thanks...

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I am not sure about everyone else, but we are very happy with the fiberglass. I have had them on buses for over 8 years, and had very little trouble. The only issues I had were water protruding in door. I drilled 2 small holes on bottom of door, say 1/8" thick to drain water. Other than that, they have been great. Fiberglass is also much easier to fix if there was damage done that area. Hope this helps, and see you tomorrow.

Jason Johnson

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we have fiberglass boxes and have had no issues that i know of.

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We have all fiberglass here. Virtually no maintenance with the exception of making sure the mounting hardware stays tight. They flex a little more than the steel. They come from the factory loose... :lol:

Another downside, is that they explode into a thousand pieces when hit by a car. :lol:
Adam Frymoyer
Head Mechanic
Central Square Schools
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