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Ambers and Reds Inoperative in Accessory Position

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Has anyone out there encountered any issues with the ambers and reds not able to be operated in the accessory position . We have several late model GM vans with Transtech bodies as well as some late model International A/E s where the ambers and reds will not operate in the accessory position. We had many drivers complaning about having to operate the lights in the on position and the chimes sounding during loading of passengers. This has become a concern especially with special needs passengers , where as they are very sensitive to the noise .I dont understand why they would not wire the vehicle to able to operate the lights etc in the accessory position.Any thoughts.

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We had some blue bird units come this way a few years ago. It was a very simple change them to work on accessory. I would suggest contacting your dealer to see if they can help.

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