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Latest update from DOT on incandescent backup lights

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Due to inability of the bus industry to obtain and install parts for incandescent back-up lamp lenses the aforesaid date for compliance of lens markings is extended to April 30, 2008.

Before and after the compliance date incandescent back-up lamp lenses will be observed for having proper markings only at the time of regular scheduled inspections.

Through April 30, 2008 if an incandescent back-up lens is identified as not having proper markings only a remark shall be made on the MC-300 inspection form. No defect codes will be assigned for this issue.

After April 30, 2008 the defect code 26.06 2. "lens not of proper type" with a rating of "A" will be assigned to a bus that does not have at least one compliant back-up lamp.

Non-compliant white lamps placed on the rear of a bus in addition to one lamp required by regulation that illuminate when the vehicle transmission is placed in reverse shall not be required to have proper markings on the lens.

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