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Happy and Safe Holidays to All

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Post 19 Dec 2012, 15:56

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Greetings All,
That time of the year is upon us once again. It seems the school year had just begun recently and now we are almost half way through.
Please take this time to enjoy your families a little more this time of the year and any time for that matter.
Newtown Conn. are thoughts are with you.
On the issue of safety which never takes a day off, Harlan and I both have info concerning recall information coming from NAPT - National Association for Pupil Transportation.
Bottom line and a friendly reminder .... please be prompt at scheduling and resolving these issues when they arise.
Safety is our mission and we will not compromise that at any costs. More, much more to follow with that statement.

Happy and Safe Holidays to All!
Mike Ocque

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