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Post 31 Oct 2007, 16:46

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It has been brought to the attention of this office that there may be a need to make available hand sanitizer on buses, and particularly school buses.

It has been indicated that certain products may be effective in reducing the spread of some diseases. Many commonly marketed hand sanitizer products are identified by the manufacturers as 'Flammable'. A Federal Aviation Administration study indicates ethanol based formulas do present a relatively minimal hazard. Therefore it is the opinion of this office that hand sanitizer should be allowed on buses and school buses with the following guidelines;

* Whenever possible a refillable metal dispenser should be used for semi-liquid/liquid products.

* If a metal semi-liquid/liquid dispenser cannot be used then any non-metallic semi-liquid/liquid dispensers should be secured in a metal cup like device that would retain any spillage or fire. A non-metal cup like device may be used that is constructed with a material that is resistant to destruction from high temperatures such as with the properties of CPVC or better. Retainers may be fabricated in a workmanlike manner and free of sharp edges.

*The dispensers shall be mounted or retained by a reasonable means so as not to become a projectile in an unfortunate event common to normal incidents of transportation.

*Dispensers of wipes need only to be mounted or retained regardless of the type of container construction material.

* Dispensers and retainers cannot be mounted so as to impair the drivers view of gauges and warning devices, of mirrors or the roadway, and not in the forward impact zone of a school bus seated position, or in an area that would effectively reduce required aisle or emergency exit dimensions.

If these guidelines are not followed then an MVI should address it with the appropriate item in the Out-Of-Service criteria or in the absence of an address in the Out-Of-Service criteria then 99.02 and site the appropriate regulation that is violated.

This approval does not in any way endorse or approve the use of hand sanitizers or attest to the effectiveness of the products. And it does not imply that the sanitizers are a substitute or alternative to other means accepted by the medical community for the prevention or spread of disease. Everyone should follow guidelines published by the United States Center for Disease Control.
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Post 05 Nov 2007, 14:28

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Was NYSDOT the origin of the article on hand sanitizers?
There is a high interest and need for sanitizers on school buses and if this article rings true, then we are very interested in any further information on approved dispensers and/or holders for existing containers of sanitizers.
An additional concern with the sanitizers are those six words on the label:
"Keep out of reach of children."
Does keeping the product in a suitable dispenser or container supercede that wording?
Please send along any information you may have to:

Mark Noeth
East Greenbush Central School District

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