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June 10,2008 minutes

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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

· Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Department

· In attendance: Mark Kozina (UECSD), Rick Crowe (WPCSD), Cliff Halliday (OACSD), Bob Carey (NYS DOT), Mike McCann (VCSD), Guy Struble (DCSD), Gary Ingraham (SVCSD), Bill Hawk (WCSD), Todd Dobish (WCSD), Joe Gokey (Bernie Bus Sales @ CF), Bob Risoli (JCCSD), Bill Stoneman (Grand Rock Mufflers), Eric Sauls (Grand Rock Mufflers), Paul Schoch (Leonard Bus Sales), Corey Shattuck (Leonard Bus Sales), Mark Painter (NVCSD)

· Rick Crowe opened our meeting by introducing the sponsor of our meeting, Jack Bors, Sales Rep for Grand Rock Mufflers, manufacturer of the QP muffler. Bill Stoneman, owner of Grand Rock Muffler, then took the floor. Stoneman spoke on the benefits of their product, which is manufactured of 14 gauge steel (26% thicker than O.E.M. mufflers). All welds are coated to prevent corrosion, with average service life of 4 years. This muffler is guaranteed by Grand Rock to increase fuel mileage by a full 3% or your money back. Grand Rock has been in business for 35 years, primarily in the trucking industry.
· The cost for a muffler and conversion kit for school bus application is approximately $500, with muffler replacement cost of $450.
· School Bus Transportation News carried a “how to” article on installing the Grand Rock QP muffler in their March issue.
· Independent 3rd party testing is now underway and results are expected in the fall.
· Grand Rock encourages everyone to visit their website, which has a fuel conversion calculator showing the improvements of a 3% increase with the use of their product.
· Much discussion was held on the benefits of fuel savings with a question and answer period being held.
· Bill Hagios, of ACI Supply Company, is the local distributor for Grand Rock Exhaust. His phone number is 607-733-7171, and he is located at:
736 Baldwin Street
P.O. Box 1337
Elmira, NY 14902
· This concluded Grand Rock’s presentation.
· Rick Crowe then took the floor to discuss association business.
· Election of officers was held with all officers retaining their current positions by unanimous vote. Those positions are: Rick Crowe, Chapter President, Mark Kozina, Chapter Vice-President, and Cliff Halliday, Secretary/Treasurer.
· A thank-you to Bob Carey for putting together our chapter directory, which was distributed to all members. We hope you find this to be a very useful tool.
· Rick Crowe brought with him a Series 7000 electronic 8 lamp flasher that melted, producing much smoke and an audible pop. He found the circuit to be protected by a 25 amp circuit breaker, which he successfully changed to a 15 amp breaker, better protecting the circuit. The problem occurred on an International FE series school bus.
· Membership applications are currently being sent out, as we are in a new year. We look forward to everyone joining, as our numbers enable us to represent school bus mechanics statewide and allow us to share problems, concerns, and ideas among the membership.
· As we all know, many other shops are experiencing similar changes and challenges in the industry. As we all strive to provide safe and cost-effective transportation services, it is a comfort to know that we have a network of support to help us face our daily challenges.
· There will be no July meeting, but we hope everyone will attend the summer safety seminar in Liverpool. Date and information will follow.

Cliff Halliday
H.M.A So. Tier Chapter

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