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Sept meeting of the Southern Tier chapter

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Southern Tier Chapter
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· Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Department.

· In attendance: Mark Kozina (UECSD) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD) / Jack Ross (CVSD) / Chuck Darling (CVSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Scott (WCSD) / Chris Ameigh (Cummins North East) / Ron Strobel (Fleet Source) / Carl Simerson (Fleet Source)

· Our meeting this month was sponsored by Fleet Source, who brought along our guest speaker Chris Ameigh of Cummins North East.
· Mark opened our meeting by introducing our guests.
· Chris was introduced and began our topic of discussion with first a review of “07 diesel emissions standards and practices. This lead us into a discussion of 2010 EPA Diesel Emission Standards.
· Cummins ‘07 ISB engines utilize Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and integrated sub-system technology such as V/G or (variable geometry ) turbochargers, closed crankcase systems and cooled EGR. The transition to DPF technology has been a smooth one through out the school bus industry. With this we moved on to 2010 emission technology.
· In 2010 the EPA will require a significant reduction in NOx (Nitrogen Oxide). To meet these new standards diesel manufactures are using a process called Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR).
· SCR’s will be mounted behind or down stream of DPF’s with a small amount of UREA being introduced into the exhaust just before the SCR. This will act with the catalyst and a significant reduction in NOx will be achieved.
· Automotive UREA will be marketed as a liquid mixed with de-ionized water and does meet ISO standard 22241-3. MSDS sheets are available and currently there are no special precautions or PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) required for handling, however a commonsense approach is required as the product has a very strong ammonia odor.
· UREA is currently available in a pre-mixed form from Fleet Guard @ $2.65 per gallon.
· In mid-range diesel school bus applications UREA will be consumed at a rate of 1 to 1.5% ratio to fuel.
· Fuel economy gains of up to 9% are expected as Europe is currently using and has been using UREA for some time now. The fuel gains are so significant that many truck fleets in the U.S. are utilizing this technology now to realize the benefits of an increase in fuel economy.
· Engine suppliers have their systems worked out. It is now up to each bus manufacturer to integrate these systems into their vehicles. A UREA tank will be required with the appropriate supporting hardware, sensors, driver notification etc. The freeze point of UREA is 11 degrees Fahrenheit, so this is something to be worked out.
· Cummins Insite Diagnostic Software will be capable of diagnosing SCR’s and their related components.
· This is a very exciting time for engine manufactures as the use of this technology allows for increased engine horse power ratings and performance.
· We have much to look forward to in 2010 and beyond as the EPA will require the diesel industry to use a form of OBD (on board diagnostic) technology in the year 2013. We hope this brings a much needed standardization to our industry.
· A question and answer period was held and much discussion took place. This concluded Chris’s very informative presentation.
· Mark then introduced Carl of Fleet Source who explained the products and services they have to offer as an authorized Cummins dealer and a supplier of Fleet Guard products.
· Mark then took the floor for association business. A motion was made to award our scholarship, the motion was seconded, all voted in favor with no descending votes. The scholarship was awarded. Sarah Kozina was the recipient and will be attending BCC. We wish her well as she pursues her education. This concluded Assoc. business and brought our meeting to a close.
· Our next meeting is scheduled for October 14th. At Johnson City Bus Garage. We hope to see you there.

Cliff Halliday
HMA So. Tier Chapter

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