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Aug monthly meeting of the Southern Tier

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Southern Tier Chapters
Head Mechanics Association

· Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Department

· In attendance: Rick Crowe (WPCSD), Mark Kozina (UECSD), Robert Risoli (JCCSD), Cliff Halliday (OACSD), Scott Dodge (Norwich Schools), Gary Ingraham (SVCSD), Bill Hawk (Windsor Schools), Joe Gokey (Bernie Bus Sales @ CF), David Lester (DCSD), Mark Painter (NVCSD), Corey Shattuck (Leonard Bus Sales), John Blackington (Wagner Lumber), Jeff Corey (NYS DOT), Joel Peters (NYS DOT), and several other mechanics from the above listed school districts also attended.

· Our meeting was sponsored by Cook Bros., which offered classroom instruction and certification in air brake system inspection and adjustment, as recognized by NYS DMV and meets federal criteria under 49 CFR 395, 25(d)(3)(i).
· Tony, our instructor from Cook Bros., started off our training by explaining the most common problems in the private sector shop as being improper brake chamber push rod length. The second most common problem being worn S cam bushings and slack adjuster pin wear. The most important item to having proper brake wear is having proper brake adjustment and balance. The importance of these items cannot be overstated.
· Discussion was held on standard stroke, long stroke, and extra long stroke brake chambers. Everyone in attendance was cautioned to use the proper brake chamber for the application and not mix chamber strokes on a vehicle. Brake diaphragms also cannot be mismatched, as they are designed for a specific chamber stroke.
· At this point, we all gathered in the shop and Johnson City provided a bus on a lift for the hands-on portion of our training. Tony instructed everyone as to the proper brake adjustment criteria and adjustment procedures. These procedures were successfully performed by many in attendance.
· A Q & A period was held and much discussion took place.
· This training and certification is important to us all as school bus technicians.
· CFR 395, 25 reads in part that every motor carrier shall ensure that each brake inspector is qualified and has brake related training or experience in the inspection maintenance and service or repairs of any brake on its motor vehicle.
· A test was given and certificates were distributed to those taking the test.
· It is classes and training such as this that benefits us all.
· We appreciate your support by joining the Southern Tier Chapter Head Mechanics Association. Without your support and sponsorship, these types of courses would not be offered.
· Our next meeting will be September 16, 2008, the 3rd week of September, at Johnson City Bus Garage.
· We hope everyone has a smooth and safe start to the new school year. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.

Cliff Halliday
H.M.A. So. Tier Chapter

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