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Post 20 Mar 2012, 07:39
jmorris50 User avatar

I'd like to hear from anyone that has the Espar coolant heaters on their vehicles. I have 54 of these units ,most of which are a little over 1 year old. I have been replacing the exhaust flex tube due to cracking and breaking. Espar tells me it is a "wear" item and this is to be expected. They say they tubes only last a few moths. At $70.00 each and 54 tubes per year I will see no savings in verses the plugin block heaters.

Post 19 Apr 2012, 09:04

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Location: 1315 route 96 owego N.Y. 13827

We have experanced the same situation here in Owego with our Wabasto units and have been successful bending thin walled conduit or flex pipe into an approximate shape then taking the pattern to a local exhaust shop and having them bend the appropriate size steel pipe for us at a cost of $14.93 ea...They have been holding up well...

Post 30 Apr 2013, 08:32

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Location: dryden, ny
We have been replaceing our webasto exhaust pipes that continuely rot out, Allied spring found someone to bend and make us stainless steel pipes and hopefully never have to replace again

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