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ISB Lift Pump Failure

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Post 17 Oct 2004, 11:30

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This is the third occurence where we have dismantled a failed lift pump and found that a check ball that is inside the pump has dislogded and punctured the debris screen and ruined the pump vaines. This will cause the pump to perform poorly, low fuel pressure and fuel volume to not be sufficient to the VP44 injection pump. This could cause the VP44 to fail and the engine to shut down without notice or run poorly.
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Post 28 Oct 2004, 05:17
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I have a possible lift pump or VP 44 pump failure. Cummins from Buffalo is going today to investigate. This will be the second incident with same vehicle. Anyone with possible lift pump issues get a hold of Cummine directly and press them to come out to you site themselves. They will do it. It saves time and money having to tow to dealor if under warrenty. Jim

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