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January 15, 2009 Meeting

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Location: 22 Bus Garage Lane, Malone, NY 12953
Adirondack Northern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association
January 15, 2009 Meeting

President: Mike Foley/Brushton-Moira CSD
Vice President: Craig Szatkowski/ARC Clinton County
Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Howard/Malone CSD

Meeting Place, Date & Time:
Meeting was held at Malone CSD, Thursday, January 15, 2009 at 10:00am.

Meeting Called to Order/Pledge to the Flag:
Craig Szatkowski called the meeting to order at 10:05am.

Members Present:
Frank Barney/St Regis Falls CSD
Craig Szatkowski/ARC Clinton County Bob Wagstaff/St. Lawrence CSD
Mark Leahy/Malone CSD Bryan Loeb/Malone CSD
David Tavernia/Malone CSD Kevin Hebert/Beekmantown CSD
Pat King/Malone CSD Garry Fetterly/St. Lawrence CSD
Mary Howard/Malone CSD Cal McNamara/Salmon River CSD
John LaTulipe/Salmon River CSD
Terry Zahler/Hopkinton Town Highway Jim Fraser/St. Regis Falls CSD
Ron Streeter/Hopkinton Town Highway

Last Month’s Minutes:
*There were none as we rescheduled December 18th’s meeting to January 15, 2009.

Treasurer’s Report:
Mary Howard gave report: Beginning balance $2031.33-Income for the month (member dues/interest on account) $450.00-Expenses for the month $958.03-Ending balance $1523.30. Motion made to accept as read by Frank Barney, 2nd by David Tavernia.

Old Business:
*There seemed to be some miscommunication with Cummins Northeast for our January meeting so we are going to try and reschedule with him possibly during our Summer Picnic and also have Tony Morgese and Roger Harrod with Matthews Buses up for the C-2 presentation. This may turn in to a two day event so I am going to need to know how many are interested. This could prove to be a very informational presentation.

New Business:
*Nick Crane and Marvin Woods with Leonard Bus Sales are scheduled to do a presentation on the Regeneration of International and 2010 Emissions for our February 19th meeting at 10:00am at Malone Central Bus Garage. The presentation with questions should take about an hour and a half. All NYAPT & Head Mechanic members are welcome to attend.
*I am in the process of working with Kevin Coon with New York Bus Sales on a Propane Engine Presentation for our April meeting.

Round Table:
*Discussion on the Propane Engines; Euro Engines and 2010 Emissions.

Next Meeting Date:
February 19, 2009 at Malone Central School Bus Garage @ 9:30am. We will hold a brief meeting first and then move on to the presentation.

Meeting Adjourned:

Any errors or changes to this information should be directed to:
Mary Howard-Secretary/Treasurer
Malone CSD
22 Bus Garage Lane
Malone, NY 12953

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