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April 14, 2009

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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting Held at Johnson City Transportation Departmant.
• In attendance: Rick Crowe (WPCSD) / Mark Painter (NVCSD) / Robert Risoli (JCCSD) / Gary Ingraham (SVCSD) / David Lester (DCSD) Cliff Halliday (OACSD)
• Rick introduced the sponsor of our meeting, Ryan Andres of Mirabito Fuel Group. Ryan announced the topic of our meeting as being Bio-Diesel Fuel and it’s use.
• Ryan began by explaining that Mirabito bio-diesel is a highly refined highway fuel meeting ASTM D6751 standards and is currently in the process of becoming BQ-9000 certified. This certification is a voluntary Biodiesel Quality assurance program established by the Nation Biodiesel Board. This is significant due to the fact that there are many differing forms of Biodiesel on the market today of questionable quality and questionable claims.
• B-5 biodiesel has been approved for use as a highway fuel by all diesel engine manufactures. This is a blend of 5% bio to 95% conventional diesel fuel.
• Starting January 1st 2010 the state of Pennsylvania will require all highway diesel fuels sold in the state to be a blend of 2% or B-2 biodiesel.
• Ryan explained the characteristics of biodiesel. Biodiesel has a very high solvent content and we were cautioned on its use around sensitive wiring harnesses such as electronic injection etc. as contamination can lead to corrosion and damage, this is also true with painted surfaces. This is also a concern with older diesel engine fuel systems, and storage facilities. The use of bio will clean these systems (fuel tanks, lines, injectors, etc.). This process is manageable however by the proper specing of fuel i.e. (B-5 to start instead of B-20), frequent changing of fuel filters, etc. Mirabito will be more than happy to help one through this process as they have the means and knowledge to do so. Ryan states that no change in current maintenance practices are required with the use of B-5. He also recommends working up to a B-20 use in the summer months and back to a B-5 for winter use. These fuel blends can be tailored to costumers requirements as the fuel is mixed and splash blended upon delivery to your terminal. Another benefit of biodiesel is the fact that it replaces the lubricity that has been removed from our current ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. The cetene rating is also much higher with bio, bringing the level up to 52 cetene.
• Mirabito Fuel Group supplies many city’s, townships, and municipalities with bio blends and this alternative fuel is viable and growing. With the state of Pennsylvania requiring the use of B-2 statewide one can expect that it’s only a matter of time until New York State follows suit.
• Ryan distributed his Power Point presentation to us along with other useful publications.
• Any questions, comments or concerns regarding biodiesel and it’s use may be directed to Ryan Andres, Account Manager Mirabito Fuel Group, 607 352-2904. This concluded Ryan’s presentation.
• Rick then opened the floor for general discussion and Chapter business.
• Rick has seen problems with ignition switch failures resulting in intermittent starting problems with his International busses, while Mark from NVCSD has experienced a rash of frame cracks in his fleet of FS-65’s. These cracks occur in the area of the rear wheels just behind the spring hanger. Bob (JCCSD) expressed concern over lagging attendance at our chapter meetings and was wondering what could be done to help our members remain active. There is strength in numbers and we all seem to be experiencing the same types of problems. We gather to discuss these problems as well as find solutions and alternative practices and procurers that will help us better cope with an ever changing and demanding industry. Everyone seems to be battling budgets and shortages of personal seem to be the norm.
• This brought our meeting to a close at about 12:00. Our next scheduled meeting will be May 12th. At Johnson City Trans. Dept. Hope to see everyone there.

Cliff Halliday
Southern Tier Chapter

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