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Post 26 May 2009, 13:08

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Our last meeting again was very succesful. We had Leonard Bus Sales present the Hybrid Bus. We had 15 people in attendance. The meeting was very insightful. Marv Wood presented the class with alot of key information that many of us did not know. It is amazing how times change. During our round table discussions, we got into talking about mercedes benz products. Wayne from avoca talked about a so called sock that is put on the exhaust. When the rght side tire turns out it throws rocks on the head pipe and rips apart the original cover over the head pipe. He said that Thomas sells a sock that you can replace. It is quite expensive. Bath Schools were talking about the Mercedes using quite a bit of oil. Come to find out they had some problems with rings in the engine going bad. I had also mentioned about the idea of using 10w30 oil in the engines.. I have found that in the winter the vehicles start alot easier, but the only downfall I have noticed is in the summer the engines are a little louder and the oil pressure fluxuates more. Thanks jason, any questions give me a call or email
Jason Johnson

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