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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting Held at Johnson City Transportation Dept.
• In Attendance: Mark Painter (Newark Valley) / Robert Risoli ( JCCSD) / Bob Carey (NYSDOT) / Paul Schoch (LBS) / Al Card (Retired OACSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Steve (WCSD) / Gary Ingraham (SVCSD)
• Our meeting this month was a chapter meeting with no sponsor.
• Cliff opened our meeting with chapter business and elections were held.
• Rick Crowe (WPCSD) who could not be present for today’s meeting was nominated and elected by all present to act as Chapter President for another term. Rick has accepted, and we would like to thank Rick for his work in this capacity.
• Mark Painter (NVCSD) was nominated for the position of Vice President and the nomination was seconded, all present voted in favor. We welcome Mark to this position and look forward to working together with him this coming year.
• Cliff Halliday (OACSD) was nominated for another year as Secretary/Treasurer and accepted, all present voted in favor and this concluded our annual elections.
• Bob brought us news from DOT concerning guidelines that have been drawn up for auxiliary heater installation and usage on school buses.
• These heating units must be fired using the same fuel as the vehicle in which they are mounted. All fuel lines must be of complete unit construction i.e. no unions, couplers, tees, etc. These fuel lines must also be of the same material and construction as the vehicle and cannot utilize barb type fittings or hose clamps. A flex line is permitted at the unit to isolate flex and vibration.
• Heater unit location must be either between the frame rails or to the rear of the left rear wheel area. The exhaust system for these units should be parallel to the existing vehicles exhaust system and must have a 1/8” hole drilled at the lowest point or at a continual slope so as to drain moisture from the system.
• The entire auxiliary heating unit must be enclosed and contain a low voltage circulator pump housed within.
• All units must also be equipped with an easy to use 7-day programmable timer.
• Engine warming units typically used on type “A” school buses must be wired so they will not run with the vehicle engine running.
• Paul shared with the group that there is a pending recall in the works and a permanent repair coming out for heater blower motor issues experienced on some International buses.
• With this our meeting concluded at approx. 11:30 am.
• There will be no scheduled chapter meeting in July. Our next scheduled meeting will be Aug.11, 2009 at Johnson City Bus Garage.
• Don’t forget to pre-register for our 20th Annual Summer Safety & Training Seminar. This will be on July 23rd starting at 8am. For more complete information and registration forms please visit our web site @ http://www.nyhma.org

Cliff Halliday
H.M.A. So. Tier Chapter

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