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Post 15 Jun 2009, 10:10

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RIGHT HAND STOPARMS, if you are one of the few schools that have them or have installed them, this is a message from nysdot

>>> Gerald Smith 6/11/2009 2:35 PM >>>
It has come to my attention that there are quite a number of right side
stop arms installed statewide. They are not permitted by V&T Law.
The only right side stop arm permitted is the test evaluation Woodstock
Safety Mirror which is a combination reflex mirror and stop arm. It is
mounted in the window band area to eliminate a dangerous blind spot that
exists in the conventional stop arm location.
Any of these presently installed are to be immediately disabled. The
operator may request a waiver for this equipment if they wish.

this is where you can apply for a waiver
Department of Motor Vehicles (Legal Council)
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12228

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