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Meeting Minutes Sept. 16, 2009

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Post 23 Sep 2009, 08:15
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Meeting held at Paddock Golf Dome
President - Bill Mitchell called meeting to order
Treasurer report read and accepted
No minutes to report from last meeting
Reminder of dues owed - $25.00
Stan (KenTon) 50/50 winner
Reports of the Erie County Fair table went well
- picnic outing went well also
Gas grill winner was Craig Fitzgerald
Mike Currier of Williamsville is home and resting
Condolences for John Beyer - fatality accident at home
Questions raised on E-10 seperation
- workshop requirements
- fuel tank rot
Two scholarships of $500.00 each to be given out this year
Meeting sponsor - Superior Lubricants
- talks of Citco greening program
- synthetic oil use and advantages

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