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Post 10 Jan 2010, 09:48

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Anyone with Cummins engines, the newer red ones, should be checking the bottom of the fuel pump on the left side of engine for leaking fuel. We had one replaced at end of Oct and it was leaking again by mid December. Out of 9 red cummins engines in our fleet, we have found 7 with leaking fuel pumps and had replaced under warranty and fuel leaks are a out of service if found during inspection. Two of the units are brand new D3 Bluebirds delivered in Oct and currently have 5000 miles plus, so check your new units also. I have heard of 2 other schools with the same issue so far with new engines.
It was reported to me and I found one of my new units, that if you see the leaking showing on the bottom of the pump, also check from the top of the engine and check the fuel inlet and make sure not leaking from there, before sending in for repairs. I found one of our new units with the fuel line loose

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