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Capital Area Chapter Seminar January, 26 2010

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Good evening all sorry for the delay in posting this but I have been busy as we all are. On January 26th the capital Area head mechanics had a seminar sponsored by BG products @ North Colonie Central Schools they were our host for the seminar of BG products sales rep Erica Staring and the owner Tom Myers were the persenters of the product. They had a very impressive show on how there fuel additives worked. Using a refrigrator they demonstrated the cloud point of fuel and how their product worked at different temperatures right up to the point of gelling the fuel without a addItive being added. They also used their product to flush a engine using their engine cleaning system product. Present were Matthews Buses and NY Bus along with about seven area schools were in attendance.
Up comming seminars are as follows for the month of Febuary we will be holding a brake recertification class site to be anounced in the next week or so. In March we are holding at South Colonie Central Schools a seminar on lubrication products presented by Farrell Oil company a local distributeor. In April we will be doing a course presented By New York Bus on Air conditioning and this will also be a recertification class this date and location will be announced at a later date. We have also signed up new members to our group as we are starting to once again grow and become active. Thats all for now folks I will keep you updated on up comming events in the capital area. Remember look at the NYHMA web site there is a world of information out there to be had. Good night to all and have a safe rest of the year. Always remember Safety of the children is our number one goal.

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