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Capital Area Executive Board Meeting 2/3/2010

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Good morning well we are trying this for the third time in two days the other two are in cyber space land some place.

The Capital Area executive board met on February 3rd. Present were Bill Burgess Secretary, Harry Folckemer President, George Geel Steering Committee, Harold Nicholson Treasurer, Jack Jone 2nd Vice President, Gys Seacord Steering Committee.

Harry started the meeting off with old business we discussed last years Christmas party and how we could entice more people to attend. There were a couple of Items tossed on the table for discussion. Two brought a lot of interest! One was to start a 50/50 during our monthly clinics. It was suggested that half of the money would go to the association and the other half would go towards a raffle of a tool box and tools. It was also suggested to try and get our vendors to donate the tool box and it was decided to try and get them to contribute to it also. The second was a NASCAR ticket with a hotel to Walkins Glen and have a vendor donate it. There would be a final drawing at our next Christmas party. We also set a date for the party for December 3rd.2010

Harold gave the treasurers report. He stated that we had 1931 in reserve. We spent 3300 dollars on the Christmas party. Most of this was donated by our vendors. Matthews Buses, New York Bus, Leonard Bus, Don Brown Bus, And Gorman Bus sales. A big thanks to these people who may our party happen. We again thank them and appreciate there support. We also paid 700.00 dollars for our state dues. Harold also stated that we had signed up two more vendors an a couple more schools.

New business our scholarship was also discussed. We made a change to our present dead line date for the application to be submitted we made the dead line of April 15th. This was made so that we could present it to the student at his or hers awards ceremony which would be held in late May or June depending on the school .We also set a amount of 400 dollars to be awarded to the winner of the Scholarship
For those of you that don’t know we started this Scholarship fund in memory of one of our mechanics who lost his two sons in a fire. We started this fun with just a couple of hundred dollars. An anonymous company donated a large sum to our fund. And we have been adding to it each year to keep it going. This Scholarship fun is for the sons or daughter who’s parents are presently employed in a school districts transportation department and who’s dues are paid in the Capital Area Association.

We also have coming up February 25th a oil clinic with one of our local vendors Farrell oil and Conoco.
The meeting was adjourned. Remember a Childs safe ride to and from school depends on us. Have a great day and week.

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