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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Chapter

• Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Department
• In Attendance: Rick Crowe (WPCSD)/ Mark Kozina (UECSD)/ Mark Painter (NVCSD)/ Cliff Halliday (OACSD)/ Jeff Hiller (OACSD)/ Gary Ingraham (SVCSD)/ John Johnson ((NYBS)/ George Darling (NYBS)/ Chuck Darling (CVCSD)/ Brad Jacobb (CVCSD)/ Bob Carey (NYDOT)/ John Meehan (Williams Lubricants)/ Ron Zelowicz (MECSD)/ Paul Schoch (LBS)/ Dan Adrian (LBS).
• Rick brought our meeting to order by introducing the sponsor of our meeting John Johnson and George Darling of New York Bus Sales.
• John took the floor and announced our topic of instruction and discussion as being Wabasto supplemental or auxiliary vehicle heaters. John explained some of the DOT regulations concerning new installations on Blue Bird buses. NYBS categorize their heaters as supplemental heating units, there by allowing them to mount these units to the body in a battery style box. This allows better access and ease of maintenance as opposed to frame mounted units. John also told the group that through conversations with Mike Smith it has been approved to terminate the exhaust anywhere around the perimeter of the vehicle behind the rear tires.
• Trouble shooting, diagnostic, and maintenance procedures were then outlined and discussed. Important points to remember are #1- these units all have fuel filters and it is a good practice to service these at the same intervals as the vehicles they are on. #2 annually replacement of burner nozzles and adjustment of ignition electrodes is highly recommended, there is also a reflective disk behind the electrodes that can become contaminated with soot and needs periodic cleaning. #3 on top of the unit is a coolant bleed screw. It is important that no air be trapped in the system as this will overheat the unit. The system is protected by a thermo switch that will prevent the burner from igniting; this thermo sensor can be easily checked for continuity to determine whether good or bad. Another feature that will prevent unit operation in the use of a inertia switch. This switch is designed to shut the heater off in the event of a collision. It will on some occasion’s trip during DOT brake stops and can be reset, so keep this in mind. The units circuitry is protected by 3 fuses located within the box. Also available is a diagnostic testing box that enables the user to cycle all electrical functions including firing the burner.
• The question was asked about the advantages of a Wabasto over that of the competition. John explained Wabasto has a more robust circulator pump as well as heavy duty electrodes and a higher BTU output.
• NYBS brought along a Wabasto Scholastic Series School Bus Heater for all to look at and identify parts, components etc. which was very helpful.
• This brought our Wabasto presentation to a close and Propane powered buses were then discussed as there are now 44 or 45 in operation New Your State
• Chapter business and general discussion was then held.
• Mark Kozina has noticed a potential problem arising with his Cat C-7 powered Buses. Through his oil analysis program he has identified abnormally high concentrations of copper. Working with his oil supplier he is monitoring this condition as it may be the CJ-4 oil acting as a cleaning agent and will stabilize. Another situation occurring on his C-7’s is cooling system related. Mark has noticed an extremely heavy build up of sludge in his recovery tanks, radiator caps etc. It has been determined that the nitrites have fallen out of the coolant package. Mark has been in contact with Joe Long of Penray as well as Milton Cat and NYBS, working to resolve this problem as this bus has only 20,000 miles on it. Mark will keep us all posted on the out come.
• This led us to a general discussion on drain, flush, and refill tools, procedures, etc. Many including myself are considering the options of using one coolant in all vehicles. The question was asked of John Johnson of specing a particular coolant at time of bus purchase. This is not possible due to engine manufacture warranties. Much discussion was held and many problems, and ideas were put forth.
• This concluded our meeting at approximately 11:25. Our next meeting will be held at J.C. Bus Garage on March 9th. 10Am. Williams Lubricants will be sponsoring our meeting with methanol gasoline as the topic. This will no doubt be a very interesting and informative presentation with Enertech Labs as a guest speaker. See you all there.

Cliff Halliday
H.M.A. So. Tier Chapter

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