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Minutes April 13,2010

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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting held at Johnson City Transportation Dept.

• In attendance: Rick Crowe (WPCSD) / Mark Painter (NVCSD) / Cliff Halliday (OACSD) / Mark Kozina (UECSD) Gary Ingraham ((SVCSD) / Bob Carey (NYSDOT) / Randy Clark (JCCSD) / Brad Jacobs (CVCSD) / Bill Hawk (WCSD) / Randy Murray (OACSD) / Jim Hogan (LBS) / Dan Adrian (LBS) / Jeremy Sanger (Ventech).

• Rick opened our meeting this month by introducing our sponsor, Jim Hogan of Leonard Bus Sales.
• Jim spoke briefly about one of there new product lines from a manufacture called Ventech. Ventech builds maintains and markets a product for school buses and light trucks called a Liquid Heat Generator or LHG. Jim then introduced Jeremy Sanger CEO/President of Ventech.
• Jeremy explained the purpose of a heat generator and LHG technology. The function of this unit is to provide and maintain vehicle cabin heat for passenger comfort as well as reducing idle times and emissions. Studies have shown the potential to reduce engine idle times by as mush as 75%. With this reduced idling time these units have the potential to pay for themselves in 100 days.
• The LHG is an engine mounted, belt driven unit controlled by ambient air and coolant temperature, engaged by means of an electric clutch. The unit will produce up to 45,000 btu’s. This unit also is said to raise the vehicle’s coolant temperature by 40 degrees within the first 3 minutes of operation. To achieve this, the device utilizes a stator and rotor combination much like a transmission’s torque convertor.
• Installation kits are available for most applications with installation time of 4 hours or less. These kits contain the required wiring harness, electronic control box, all hoses, sensors, fittings, bolts, and washers etc. to complete the installation process. The price of these units is $1,375.00
• Once installed the LHG is maintenance free and comes with a 2 year warranty.
• The advantages of this type of unit over a fuel fired unit are no fuel lines, no exhaust emissions, no maintenance, less cost and ease of installation. The disadvantages are the fact that the unit will not aid in the elimination of cold engine starts.
• For more information on this product please contact Leonard Bus Sales at 1 800 554-4504 or you may contact Jim Hogan via e-mail at jimh@leonardbus.com.
• This concluded our LHG presentation at which point Rick opened the floor to chapter business.
• Several maintenance and repair issues were discussed among the chapter members. These topics included the use of silicone heater hose, EGR failures attributed to excessive carbon build up and coking, the use of automatic brake application devices for loading and unloading, etc.
• This concluded our meeting at approx. 11:40 am.
• Our next meeting will be held on May 11th, the second Tuesday of the month and will be held at J.C’s Trans. Dept. at 10 am. Rick has lined up Tom Gillette a local electronics rebuilder to discuss alternators, starters, etc. This should prove to be a very interesting topic to discuss and as usual we look forward the opportunity to meet and to discuss those things that affect our daily operations.

Cliff Halliday
HMA So. Tier Chapter

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