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Minutes 21-Sept.-10

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Southern Tier Chapter
Head Mechanics Association

• Meeting Held at Johnson City Transportation Department.
• In Attendance: Mark Painter (NVCSD); Mark Kozina (UECSD): Jeff Corey (NYSDOT); Brad Jacobs (CVCSD); Gary Ingraham (SVCSD): Bill Hawk (Windsor CSD): Cliff Halliday (OACSD).
• Cliff opened our meeting with a general discussion on the opening of school. All in attendance faired well with no major failures.
• Bill related to us that Winsor had a successful open house in which all School Board Members were shown their resent building improvements and all went well.
• Gary (SVCSD) was busy this summer with grounds improvements, parking lot paving projects etc.
• Mark (UECSD) converted his entire fleet over to one single anti-freeze. He is using Fleet Charge, a PenRay product. This coolant is purple in color, is an extended life product and is purchased in a pre-mixed formula. Mark flushed each cooling system with straight water at least twice or until it drained clear. When asked how difficult and time consuming the bleeding process of each system was Mark explained that it was not difficult at all with the use of a vacuum cooling system filler, this device is powered by shop air and speeds up the fill time while also eliminating air pockets in the entire system. Mark’s was purchased through Snap-on. This sounds like a welcome addition to any shop as we have all experienced the results of an air locked cooling system.
• Cliff (OACSD) shared with the group that Owego has twice had state auditors out to their facility gathering information and vehicle ECM data as well as routing reports, vehicle cost per mile reports, fuel mileage, costs etc. as they are compiling a report with recommendations to follow on cost effectiveness between Diesel vs. Propane powered School Buses. Mark (UECSD) has also been visited and it was mentioned that Vestal School Trans. has also been involved. Cliff will keep everyone posted on developments. This study and recommendation from the state could have a significant impact on the way we conduct business.
• Cliff also mentioned that as he was analyzing ECM data he was wondering how it would be possible to reward drivers based on fuel mileage improvements. Mark (UE) said that he rewarded selected drivers by allowing them to park inside the shop for the winter. This sounds like a very good driver incentive.
• A general discussion concerning problems, repairs, recalls, tightening budgets, and cut backs in overtime seems to be a concern across the board in the world of school transportation.
• This brought our meeting to a close at approximately 11:40 a.m.
• Our next scheduled meeting is October 12th 10:00 a.m. Johnson City Bus Garage. I hope to see you all there…
Cliff Halliday

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